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The criminal defense team is headed by Alberto Ebanks. Mr. Ebanks is a dedicated criminal defense lawyer devoted to aggressively protecting his clients' rights. Mr. Ebanks started his criminal law legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx County District Attorney's Office. After learning criminal law through the eyes of the prosecution, Mr. Ebanks decided to devote himself to remedying the many injustices that occur when criminal defendants are wrongfully accused. Not only did his experiece as a prosecutor give Mr. Ebanks first-hand knowledge of how the district attorney's office develops evidence and investigates a case, but it also enabled him to successfully defend his clients against criminal accusations, complaints and indictments. Mr. Ebanks’ many successes as a criminal defense attorney have been recognized by his peers and contemporaries in the field as well as in the media.


Mr. Ebanks and his criminal defense team have successfully defended a vast array of major crimes, ranging from alleged international drug conspiracies to high profile life and career altering "white collar" cases. His tenacity has also lead to the largest suppression of drugs in the history of New York State. From literally "Rappers to Rabbis", Mr. Ebanks has achieved incredible results for clients in many different areas of industry. Regardlless of whether a case is big or small, Al Ebanks personally manages every aspect of the defense, ensuring that each and every client receives vigorous and zealous representation. According to Mr. Ebanks "there is absolutely no margin for error in this profession" and that is why he treats each and every day like it is game 7! "If we cannot find a way to help you, we will make a way.”

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