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BLITZER: We told you Monday about bedbugs making a comeback in New York City. Now one lawyer there says they're re moving into hotels. Our Ali Velshi is standing by with "The Bottom Line." This is an ugly story Ali, but tell us all about it.

ALI VELSHI, CNN ANCHOR: I never thought I'd know this much about bedbugs. Here's what I know. A lawsuit has now been filed in New York State after two plaintiffs say they were bitten by bedbugs in a New York hotel. Now be warmed, honestly, if you're squeamish of bug bites, there are some graphic pictures here.


VELSHI (voice-over): It bills itself as the world's most popular hotel, 1700 rooms and according to one lawyer...

ADAM SATTLER, ATTORNEY: Bedbugs are what they call, obligate parasites. That the only thing they eat is human bloods.

VELSHI: Attorney Adam Sattler gave CNN pictures he says are of the wounds that his clients, two business women from Switzerland sustained in a bed bug attack while staying at New York's famous Hotel Pennsylvania.

SATTLER: They noticed that the bites, the marks were becoming very severe, red welts. Almost looking like someone was trying to eat their way out from the inside out.

VELSHI: The landmark hotel is across from New York's Penn Station. Its kept its phone number for so long, there's every a song written about it. The lawyer who has never met his clients say these pictures were taken in Switzerland after the women returned home. The bites themselves are painless, but the reactions can be similar to mosquito bites.

The Hotel Pennsylvania just wants the plaintiffs to bug off. Telling CNN, "we try very hard to ensure a good experience for all guests and regret that such was not the case for the plaintiffs. However, we believe their suit is without merit."

Sattler says the hotel knew what the problem was as soon as his clients went to the front desk.

SATTLER: Bedbugs, meaning the clerk said it to them. Which means to me, at least tells me, that the hotel had seen something like this before.

VELSHI: Adam Sattler's firm has seen this sort of case before, handling a recent bedbug suit against the New York Helmsley Hotel, which settled with the plaintiffs. In this case, Sattler says the Hotel Pennsylvania paid for his clients to visit the emergency room of the New York University Medical Center, and refunded them three nights hotel charge.


VELSHI: All right, Sattler says that this kind of thing, he's had more reports of it since filing this lawsuit. And the bedbug fact of the day, in my research, Wolf? Under proper conditions, an adult bedbug can survive without a meal for a year or longer.

BLITZER: Totally grossing me out, Ali, thank you very much for that report.
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