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"Sattler, Ebanks and Waller greatly assisted me and my family in a difficult time easing, our fears and providing us accurate and insightful legal work."

C. Shapiro - New York, New York
  "Adam Sattler handled my accident case for me recently. Whenever I called the office he took my call and gave me an update. If he wasn’t there, he always called me back the same day. These days it’s tough to find an attorney that will answer your questions truthfully and really explain the process. That’s what Adam did for me. The case was resolved successfully in less than 1 year."

L.N. – Bronx, New York
  "Both Ebanks and Sattler have worked on multiple legal matters for me. Unfortunately, I was hit with them at the same time and really didn’t know how to handle the pressure. They calmly and confidently handled their respective areas of my cases and I walked away when it was all over being very thankful for the fortunate timing that allowed us to meet when we did. "

C.P. – New York, New York
  'Al Ebanks showed up for me at the precinct in the middle of the night when I needed help the most. After that, he guided me through the process until my crazy case was DISMISSED!! I owe him my life."

Steven R. – New York, New York
  "Unconventional attorneys and lawyers like no others. The attorneys at Ebanks & Sattler are personally involved with their cases while diligently working on them.  While my wife was in the hospital dying Mr. Sattler arrived at the hospital at one in the morning and sat beside me all night.  They go beyond to take you to the next level and remain with you every step of the way.  They are lawyers, consultants, confidants, and teachers.  I hope they continue to practice for many years to come so they can continue helping people the way they helped me and my family. "

Charles Nieves - Bronx, New York

  "They did a great job on my case. "

Milton W. - New York, New York
  "I am proud to have received their services. Adam Sattler was excellent, compassionate and extremely considerate to all of my needs.  I would refer Ebanks & Sattler, LLP to anyone and would use only them in the future if I need legal representation."

Roger Wilcox - Queens, New York
  "Adam Sattler has been my attorney for years.  Every case I used him for he did an excellent job.  I would refer him to everybody I know who needs legal advice."

Rodney Albury - Queens, New York
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C.Shapiro. - New York, New York
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